What you’ll find in Data Story

Interactive charts

You have a first library with about twenty graphs with the good design strengthened by multiple interactive options.


You can view your presentation offline, but you can also export it in PDF format or share it with a link to your audience.

Secure environment

Your presentations benefit from high security thanks to data encryption, SSL certificates and French Tier III + datacenters.

Excel to Web

Generate your interactive charts in Excel with our DS Casting extension before exporting them to Data Story. And if you do not have Excel, we have the solution.

Various sources

Copy and paste your data from any source into Data Story. You can also add your interactive charts from your preferred BI tools.


In Data Story you have online training and a Chat tool so that we can respond to your requests. So do not hesitate, we are here to help.

Media library

You have first free images and videos for your presentations. Also embed yours or videos with sharing links (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook) .

Stock image

With Data Story, you also have a search engine to a free image and video library that you can use anywhere.

Online collaboration

Work with your team in real time wherever you are, increase productivity and save time.

Interactive cartography

Your data will be entitled to it in a next evolution of Data Story with in addition to the varied interactive options.

Frequently asked Questions

These are the modifiable presentations of all users of the account.

You can also decide to export your presentation in a stand-alone format, which will not only allow you to use it without Internet connection but also to archive it. From there, you can delete the presentation if you no longer need to modify it, and release a location for a new presentation within the limit of the stock you have subscribed.

The notion of account is associated with the entity that will group all the users. The person who created the account has the status of owner.

The owner will be able to create presentations, add administrators (optional) and users, track and pay the subscription as well as receive information messages.
An administrator will be able to create presentations, add users and receive information messages.
Theuser will be able to only create presentations.

An account can include only one person as an unlimited number of users.

The subscription you subscribe to is paid at the beginning of the monthly or annual period. Your payment can be made by credit card (visa, mastercard, american express), by direct debit or PayPal . If you do not have a credit card, you have the option to pay your Paypal account by bank transfer.

We send the owner and the account administrator(s) regular information for a good tracking of the account.

At the end of the trial period of 14 days, you can subscribe by default to a monthly offer of subscription in the part to Manage my subscription in the management of your account. This one will begin immediately from the moment you will have chosen it.

If you wish to choose an annual offer of subscription after your trial period, you have to use first of all the button to Cancel your trial period before selecting the annual offer from the button Upgrade in the part to Manage your subscription.

You will receive information to report the end of the subscription. Then you have a 3-month period to reactivate your subscription and you can edit your presentations again.

During this time, your presentations can be viewed but can not be modified. At the end of this period of 3 months of inactivity, you receive information to inform you of the definitive closure of your account.

The disk space of the account is used by the image and video library of each user. The weight of the text and graphics of your presentations is negligible.

An image or a video only takes up the value of its weight once it is used one or more times in presentations. The weight limit per image or video file is 5 MB.
Compression to 300 kilobytes of the weight of an image will not alter its quality in projection. At Data Story Help, you’ll find tips for managing the weight of your videos.

With 2 GB of disk space, you can store more than 6,000 images of 300 kilobytes Or 400 videos of 5 MB.

They will be proposed to you during the creation of the account by the owner. You have the option to start a 14-day trial period.

Your subscription is automatically renewed to avoid the inconvenience of a service interruption. The owner of the account can at any time suspend and reactivate his subscription knowing that any period begun runs until completion.

You have in the part To Manage my subscription in your account, a button Upgrade/Downgrade to change your monthly or annual offer.

It is at the time of the payment, that you will see appearing total with prorata to pay if you change an offer Starter towards an offer Team for example.

Now, if you wish to upgrade your monthly offer towards an annual offer, it is necessary to cancel first the current subscription before choosing your annual offer. This new offer applies immediately. We advise you consequently to make it at the end of your current monthly period.